Swedish Elkhound

The Swedish Elkhound is also known as Jamthund. It is a Spitz type dog that has been around since 1000s but it has been recognised as a separate breed only recently, in 1946 to be precise. Originated in Sweden by the people of Jamtland, a province of Sweden, this breed was previously seen as one and same as Norwegian Elkhound.

This dos is mainly used for hunting Elk but is also capable of hunting bears and lynx. This large and and strong dog has a rectangular body that gives the impression of having a long body or of being overly heavy, substance and agility. The dog stands between 22.5 to 25.5 inches and weighs around 66-77 lbs. It has a rather long head with broad and slightly arched skull. Slightly tapered muzzle has strong, straight and broad nasal bridge with a wide nose. Slightly oval shaped brown eyes have keen yet calm expression. Erect and triangular shaped ears are mobile and set on high. Long powerful neck is clean and strong.

Powerful and slightly longer than tall body has straight topline with a slight sloping from withers to crouch. Chest is deep and ribs well sprung. The loin is broad and well developed. The tail is a distinct physical feature of this breed. Medium in length with an even thickness, the densely coated tail is tightly curled scimitar fashion. The legs are long and thick boned. These dogs have hare like feet with tightly knit toes. The dog has a double coat; longish and hard topcoat that comes with wooly soft undercoat. It comes in light to dark grey colour.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by UKC and FCI.

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