Swiss Hound

The Swiss Hound is a medium size dog that originated in Switzerland. Also known as Schweizer Laufhund and Chien Courant Suisse, this breed was developed out of need for a sturdy dog that would suit hunting in high altitudes of Alps. This breed dates back to middle ages. This breed was speculated to have been developed in the Swiss-France border during the 1500s. Swiss hunters wanting a hunting dog that is lean but strong to be able to work in high elevations of the Swiss Alps have crossed the Porcelaine with Switzerland's native breeds. They achieved what they aimed for. The Swiss Hound is a tireless hunter that is capable of working in very harsh weather conditions and at high altitudes.

There are four types of Swiss Hound which differ only in colour. All the four varieties have excelled in hunting different game. A Bernese Hound?s quarry is the hare; wild boar and deer are for the Jura Hound; the Lucerne Hound that is very similar to the Blue Gascony Hound hunts deer. The Schwyz Hound?s quarries are rabbit and hare. All varieties are very versatile and can work in packs or on their own. This is a medium size breed that stands between 19-23 inches and weighs around 33-44 lbs.

A Swiss Hound comes with a rounded, noble head, finely chiseled muzzle and well developed black nose. Soft eyes are slightly oval shaped. Low set, long ears are supple and hang down close to the cheeks. The muscular body has a straight back, well muscled loin, deep chest and slightly tucked-up belly. The coat is short and dense and differs only in colour for the four variants of this breed.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI and UKC.

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