Swiss Shorthaired Pinscher

The Swiss Shorthaired Pinscher, also known as German Pinscher, comes from a mix of the Miniature Pinscher and the Schnauzer. That's why, at the beginning, it had both smooth and wirehaired puppies. The Swiss Shorthaired Pinscher was used as a vermin hunter, a family pet, a herder and a watchdog. The breed was officially recognized in 1879.

The Pinscher-Schnauzer Club was then founded in 1895 in Germany. Since this time, it was agreed that only the smooth coated ones would be bred. This was made by separating the wirehaired and the smooth haired puppies in the same litters.

After World War II, this breed was near extinction. Fortunately, a man named Karl Werner Junghof was able to find a few dogs left in Germany and began to breed them. The German Pinscher has been accepted by the American Kennel Club in 2001. The German Pinscher also played a role in the development of the Doberman.

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