Swissy saint

The Swissy Saint is a cross between the Saint Bernard and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. These two big dogs share the altitude of the Swiss Alps, and a probable molosser or mastiff in their bloodlines. The Greater Swiss Dog is one of the four Sennenhund, dog breeds used for farm work, herding, pulling carts, even search & rescue operations.

The Saint Bernard, named after a religious hospice that kept this dog and used it to help rescue travelers in the snow-laden Alps passes, is known a a big, gentle, slobbery beast, and often caricatured in media with a barrel of whiskey around their necks, supposedly to keep rescued travelers warm until help arrives.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is believed the oldest of the Sennenhunds, and comparatively the largest. Despite its size, it is agile enough to perform various work, but it is also valued as a family pet because of its gentleness.

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