Tamaskan Dog

The Tamaskan Dog is a rare dog breed that is of the sled dog type. It originated from Finland and is a very versatile breed that is known to excel in obedience, agility and working trials. These dogs are capable of pulling sleds which is a trait that is inherited from their Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky ancestors. Even if the dog has no recent wolf ancestry, this dog has been bred to look like wolves and have a notable lupine appearance. The motto of the breed's parent club is "Wolf-dog without the Wolf", which perfectly expresses the essence of the Tamaskan dog.

These dogs are highly trainable as they are also highly intelligent. They make wonderful family dogs for as they can get along well with anyone on the family, including other dogs and other house pets. Grooming is very easy for this dog as weekly brushing would mostly cover it all.

They are known to excel in agility, obedience and working trials. These dogs also make excellent sled dogs and most Tamaskans that live in colder parts of the worlds regularly participate in recreational and occasionally competitive, dogsled racing including skijoring. They are wonderful search and rescue dogs for their keen sense of smell, stamina and endurance.

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