Tibetan Chin

The Tibetan Chin is a cross between two breeds that share lineages, the Tibetan Spaniel and the Japanese Chin. Published studies and modern DNA testing indicate that these breeds are among the oldest of extant dog breeds, and are descended from Tibetan dogs from around 10 thousand years ago.

The Tibetan Spaniel, one of three known Tibetan breeds, the other two being the Tibetan Terrier and the Lhasa Apso, was developed in the Himalayan regions and was originally bred for companionship and as watchdogs of monasteries. This small, clear-sighted dog would set itself high on the monastery walls and keep watch for possible signs of intruders or invaders. Despite the name, it is not a spaniel, and was probably named so because of its appearance.

The Japanese Chin, long the provenance of Japanese royals and nobles, has its origins in China. It is a lap dog, bred only for the purpose of providing smart, amusing and affectionate companionship. It is highly regarded in Japan, and markedly different from other working dog breeds, that for a time, ownership was only possible if the dog was given as a gift by a Japanese noble or royal.

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