Timber Wolf

The Timber Wolf, also known as the Gray wolf, believed to be widely distributed as inhabits of the forested areas of the land of Wisconsin. A timber wolf dog is said to be a genetic cross between a gray wolf and a dog and sometimes referred to as "wolf hybrids". They can be wonderful companions, however there are certain factors that are needed to be considered before deciding to raise these breeds.

Wolves both wild and domesticated are a complex creatures in nature. They are highly intelligent, with problem solving skills that go well beyond a simple thinking skills. They normally go in a pack, communicates in posture, voice and scent, and follows an alpha as their pack leader.

Raising a timber wolf dog requires commitment and a more challenging care and more intensive time than that of the average dog. These dogs are loyal, smart and can be dangerous in the wrong hands. For inexperienced owners, they do not make a good pet, but make a true friend.

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