Titan Bull-Dogge

The Titan Bull-Dogge is a new breed that was developed with the aim to produce an all around working dog with a balanced appearance. Also known as Perro Buldoge Titan (TB), the breed was developed by Hector "Nino" Morales and his associates during 1990s from four foundation breeds that were chosen after years of extensive research and breeding program studies. Each of the four foundation breeds was selected for its unique qualities. One of the four breeds, the Olde World Style Bulldogge was chosen for its bulliness, bone and strength. Power and workability came from American Bulldog. For muscularity, gracefulness, agility and alertness, American Staffordshire Terrier was used while Jumping and quickness was added through Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The result of this well thought out breeding is an even tempered, healthy, agile, alert and all round powerful working breed that is now known as Titan Bull-Dogge (TB).

According to breed standards, this medium to medium-large dog stands between 18-21 inches and weighs about 70-110 lbs. The dog has a massive head, moderately wrinkled and flat forehead, large eyes and rose or button shaped ears. Short and wide neck blends into very broad and muscled shoulders. Short but strong back, deep chest with well sprung ribs and slightly tucked-up belly gives the body a muscular appearance. Short and fine coat lies close to the body and comes in all colour patterns although Red-tiger brindle is more preferred.

This newly developed breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any major kennel club.

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