Tosa Inu

The Tosa Inu is a breed of dog that originated in Japan. The dog was bred as a fighting dog in Tosa (now Kochi) and still is fighting dogs today. The dog is considered a rare breed. The Tosa is also known to be called Tosa Inu, Tosa Ken, Tosa Token, Japanese Tosa, Japanese Fighting Dog, Tosa Fighting Dog, Tosa-Inu, Tosa-Ken and Japanese Mastiff.

These dogs are large, short-coated dog with a stately manner and a robust, powerful and agile body. They are tranquil, quiet and obedient dog in nature with a calm but vigilant demeanor. The dogs need an experienced owner who will provide them with consistent obedience training in a firm but respectful manner.

The Tosa has a very confident temperament and personality which makes it unsuitable for an average home. This breed can be trustworthy around children that it?s been raised with and forms a good bond with them; however, they should never be left alone. If you wish to own a Tosa, you should take into consideration that there are countries that looks at this breed as a dangerous one that they have banned the breed to reside in their country. Check whether you are living in those countries.

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