Toy American Eskimo

The Toy American Eskimo is a Spitz type companion dog breed originating in Germany. Spitz means sharp point and refers to shape of the muzzle. The Toy American Eskimo dogs stand about 9-12 inches and weighs around 6-10 lbs. It is an excellent watch and companion dog.

The head is wedge-shaped with same length skull and muzzle. Slightly oval, dark to medium brown eyes are set wide apart. High set erect and triangular shaped ears are in proportion in size to the head. Broad muzzle leads to usually black or dark brown nose. Medium length neck is strong and slightly arched. Level topline, straight, broad, strong and level back and deep, broad chest with well sprung ribs give the dog a compact look. Belly is slightly tucked up. Moderately high set tail is carried loosely on the back. The stand-off double coat comes in pure white or white with biscuit colouring.

This breed is recognized by AKC, CKC and UKC among other kennel clubs.

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