Toy Poxer

The Toy Poxer is an interesting cross between the Toy Fox Terrier and the Pug. Both are small breeds, but with markedly different personalities. The Toy Fox Terrier, an American breed, is a gamy hunter that enjoys coursing and flushing small game such as squirrel or hare. Curious and independent, the Toy Fox Terrier is nevertheless a "people" dog and is devoted to its owner. The Pug, an Asian breed that most probably originated from China, is a lap dog that for most part of its history fulfilled its role as indulged pet and companion to royalty. The modern Pug is distinguished by its appearance, of a stocky body, curled tail, and flattened, wrinkly face with bulging eyes. It is still very much in vogue as a toy and a pet, valued by doting owners for its personality and affectionate nature.

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