Treeing Walker Coonhound

The Treeing Walker Coonhound dog breed is a purely bred dog descended from the English Foxhound and formerly classified as an English Coonhound. The breed earned the name by trailing game faster than other coonhounds and then treeing it until the hunter arrived. The Walker part of the dog?s name came from Kentuckian John W. Walker who helped develop the breed. The dog is also known to be called Tree Walker Coonhound.

These dogs are agile, very fast and tireless in the pursuit of game. They are extremely vocal with a distinctive bay that their owners can identify the dog even from very far away. They are not compatible with apartment living as they would like it more to have a yard where they can play and romp around as they need plenty of exercise.

Being a dog developed as hunters, they have high-energy, hardworking with an excellent sense of smell who are really smart. They are suitable as family dogs even with their powerful hunting instincts as they can manage to be relatively gentle and relaxed when they are with their family. The dog is very patient and playful with children and they can be friendly with new people. They would also make perfect watchdogs as they also have a good nose for danger.

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