The Vizmaraner is a cross of two highly regarded hunting dogs that are also valued for their companionship and suitability as family pets.

The Hungarian or Magyar Vizsla is a breed that lived and hunted with ancient Magyar tribes in the Carpathian basin. It is an all-around gun dog, and while almost becoming extinct during the World Wars, has now recovered and is beginning to gain popularity. Sometimes confused with other breeds of similar build and purpose, such as the Weimaraner, the Redbone Coonhound and the Rhodesian Ridgeback, the Vizsla is distinguished by its lithe, sleeker build and the coloration of its nose, which mirrors its rust-colored coat.

The Weimaraner, on the other hand, is of German origin and was specifically bred for hunting with German nobles and royals. Housed with the family, instead of in kennels, the Weimaraner grew acclimated to living with humans, and considers itself part of the family. Its keen hunting instincts and high prey drive notwithstanding, the Weimaraner is an affectionate and demonstrative dog that prefers staying by its master's side.

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