White English Bulldog

The White English Bulldog is a multi-functional dog that originated in USA. Also known as Old English White, English White, White English and Ol Southern White, this breed has been and continues to be a general farm dog that is used as Live Stock Guardian, hog catcher and controller and retriever of the wildest cattle. This is an old breed that is seen since 16th or 17th century. Its exact origin is unknown but it is certain that this dog was brought to the American soil with either English or Spanish settlers. It is known that White English Bulldog is the precursor to the American Bulldog.

This medium to large size dog stands between 21 to 28 inches and weighs around 75-125 lbs. It is a stocky and well built dog that has a square head and broad, square muzzle. Ears are flappy or rolled. Eyes are brown or amber in colour. The strong and well balanced body gives this dog athletic and muscular look. The coat is smooth with slight feathering on back of hind legs. Coat colors include white, with or without patches of color, shades of red brown, all shades of brindle; never covering more than 25% of body.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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