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If you’re bored, you might Google your favorite celebrity. If you’re comatose bored, you might Google your favorite celebrity’s pet. It’s amazing what entertains us these days but believe it or not, celebrity pets are two highly researched internet keywords that bring in a whopping 47,000,000 results. I had to copy and paste that in, there were so many zeros. Of all the pets in the world they could have, is it any surprise that dogs are the most popular? Fun to play with, unconditionally loving, dogs are just as unique as their owners and sometimes, even more so. They’ll also give every celebrity a run for their money, and by run, I mean literally. Dogs are by far the most active house pets and you’d better be in some sort of decent shape if you want to keep up with them. Here are 5 hot celebrities seen out with their best friend.   Demi moore recently added a gorgeous new black Chihuahua to her family, naming it Vida Blue. This adorable pup with its trademark ears larger than its head is the sweetest little thing. If you have ever had a Chihuahua you’ll know how easy to love they are. It’s been said you can tell a lot about a Chihuahua just by looking into their full, round and expressive eyes. Wonder what Vida Blue’s thinking being squeezed by Demi Moore!  

Typical yes, but Paris Hilton has so many pups she couldn’t be left out of this article. No, those cuties were never eaten alive by vicious coyotes as tabloids would imply. They’re happily at home in their doggy mansion along with their owner, who’ll occasionally take them outside to accompany her on her many socialite adventures. Paris who’s reputed to never go anywhere without her teacup Chihuahua Tinkerbell has been known to rent her pup its very own hotel room for over $250.00 a night. If you look into that doggie’s eyes, you just know what its thinking: Cha Ching!  

Slightly bigger than the previous teacup sized pups, are Jessica alba’s pugs which are stars in themselves. Of her two pugs, one is named Nancy after her character in Sin City 2005 and the other Sid (also referring to Sid and Nancy the Sex Pistols duo) Is this Syd or Nancy; I’m not entirely sure but one of these lucky dogs is often seen in various casual every day activity pictures like shopping, eating out or in transition from one place to the next. This busy lady’s found herself the perfect dog to keep up with her busy life.  

Matthew McConaughey’s mixed breed BJ is commonly seen jogging alongside his owner but really who wouldn’t want to be running next to this hottie. BJ is always without a leash and clearly loves his freedom. From the pic, BJ looks to be a Staffordshire bull terrier cross or perhaps a Kishu ken and he makes for an adorable companion. It sure helps to have a friend beside you trying to keep up or pushing you to keep up.  

Jessica Biel’s Pit bull Tina is a powerful pet. This dog, unbeknownst to most is a friendly canine that when trained properly can be just as loving as the next pup. Tina is a great guard dog too, as just the reputation of a Pit bull alone can frighten away any threat to its owner. Often photographed out and about together, walking her pup is only one of the many ways Jessica seems to keep in shape.  

  This season, hit the streets with your pal and go out for some exercise, fresh air or just a walk in the park. You might discover the only friend you need in that moment is the one right at your heels. Categories Other

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