Cardiac arrhythmia

Cardiac arrhythmia is a disturbance in the normal rhythm of the heart, either in frequency (beats too fast or too slow), in amplitude (beats too strongly or too weakly), or in regularity. Symptoms are usually very mild like panting, exercise intolerance and lethargy. This is due to an abnormal electrical activity in the heart causing … Read more


Tachycardia is a condition where the heart beats much faster than normal. The rate at which the heart beats can vary a little but when it is too fast or too slow, it can be cause of concern. When the heart beats too fast, it pumps less efficiently and supplies the rest of the body … Read more


Syncope or fainting is a brief period of unconsciousness due a lack of blood flow or oxygen to the brain (cerebral hypoxia). Syncope is not a disease nor is it a clear indication of any disease. A variety of conditions can lead to fainting episodes including psychological, cardiovascular, respiratory, vestibular, endocrine and others.


Fracture means a break or crack in a bone. Practically every bone in the body is susceptible to fracture. Symptoms are based on part injured and associated organ damage if any. Fractures are usually caused by a traumatic event; however, in case the bones are weakened by a pre-existing disease, simple events can also lead … Read more

Breathing Fast

Tachypnea indicates an increased rate of breathing but it need not be an indicator of distress. Causes could vary widely including conditions of the respiratory system, heart, neuromusclular, metabolic, endocrine, hematologic, abdominal etc. This could also be accompanied with cough, dyspnea, fatigue, weight loss, anorexia, polydipsia, polyuria.

Exercise intolerance

The dog is not able to play for a long time. Depending upon the breed and the condition, even 5 minutes of playing would lead to heavy breathing, gasping. This is usually related to conditions of the heart, lungs lack of nutrition, or overweight dogs, or even conditions like anemia, cancers, allergies, circulatory shunts and … Read more

Mammary Gland Swelling

There is an abnormal swelling of the breasts of the dog mostly accompanied with a lump in the mammary gland or surrounding area. Some swelling is common during heat cycles or lactation. Causes associated with abnormal swelling are accumulation of milk, Galactorrhea, tumors, Mastitis, pseudo-pregnancy. In Males it would be called Gynecomastia and the causes … Read more

Mammary Gland Discharge

Fluid is released from the bitch's nipple(s) at any time other than during nursing. This can be due to an unrecognized pregnancy, trauma, surgery, over exercise, or certain drugs.

Chest Deformity

The sternum and costal cartilages of the dog appear deformed. The middle of the chest appears flat or concave, rather than slightly convex. Short-nosed dogs are more prone to this condition. Symptoms associated are Difficult in breathing and exercises, recurrent infections, weight loss, cough, vomiting, and poor appetite.