Syncope or fainting is a brief period of unconsciousness due a lack of blood flow or oxygen to the brain (cerebral hypoxia). Syncope is not a disease nor is it a clear indication of any disease. A variety of conditions can lead to fainting episodes including psychological, cardiovascular, respiratory, vestibular, endocrine and others.

Ear Odor

There is a terrible smell from the dog’s ear. Foul-smelling ears usually indicate otitis externa, or outer ear infection; however could be due to other problems, such as plain hygienic issues or immune system deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and skin allergies. Look for signs of trauma, cuts, wax accumulation, and the color of discharge.

Hearing loss

The dog is suffering from a loss of hearing which could be partial or total. It could be temporary due to wax or permanent due to a host of reasons such as infections, congenital defects, old age (presbycusis) and injuries. One or both ears may be affected. The signs of deafness include being non-receptive to … Read more

Ear Discharge

There is excessive discharge from the ear/s of the dog. The ear discharge would be composed of cerumen and can be watery or semi-solid in consistency. The normal discharge should be yellowish brown but if it is blackish or pinkish or with a foul odor then it could be a sign of infection or trauma … Read more

Alert ears in dogs

The dog’s ears when perked up high and pointed towards the source of the sound demonstrate alertness; however it is also a sign of aggression. Sudden jerky alerting of ears could also be seen if the dog is anxious or is turning blind or deaf or is unusually

Skin swelling

There is a visible abnormal skin swelling which could be due to simple things like stings or allergies. However the cause could be more serious like a traumatic injury or edema. Edema is caused by fluid accumulating within a tissue and easily identified when pressing the area leaves a dent in the skin.

Skin Redness

The skin of the dog has become red in certain localized or more generalized parts of the body. The redness is caused by the swelling of the small blood capillaries in the upper skin. This may be a result of allergies to environment or drugs, infections, ticks, or may be due to more serious conditions … Read more

Skin Lumps

Stroking the dog revels a small mass growing. These small or large masses need not be cancerous. There are many types of non-cancerous tumors that are found in dogs; like abscess, cyst, hematoma, hives or lipomas. Things to look for are if there is one odd mass or there are multiple growths. Also observe if … Read more

Skin Crusting

The dog is shedding flakes of dead skin from the skin and hair follicles. These flakes may be dry and appear like dandruff, or they may be oily and greasy. Oily seborrhea is due to excessive production of oil by the oil glands in the skin. This oil also causes a rancid doggy smell.

Head Shaking

The dog is shaking its head from side to side. Some amount of head shaking is normal for dogs, but if the dog is shaking its head continuously and without any apparent reason, it may indicate a condition of the ear system or may even suggests epileptic seizures. Conditions of the ear may range from … Read more