Fracture means a break or crack in a bone. Practically every bone in the body is susceptible to fracture. Symptoms are based on part injured and associated organ damage if any. Fractures are usually caused by a traumatic event; however, in case the bones are weakened by a pre-existing disease, simple events can also lead … Read more

Lethargy / Weakness

The dog appears torpid and weary. This could be purely behavioral, lack of activity or could be a sign of an underlying illness or could also be due to pain and medications. This is a vague symptom however it is out of ordinary, should not be ignored.

Hair Loss

The dog shows areas of baldness or with thinning hair. This may be accompanied with increased pigmentation, redness, swelling, crusting, flaking, or even discharge. An unpleasant odor may also be experienced. Hair loss could be due to chewing or scratching or could be a result of an internal disorder or infections in which case usually … Read more

Licking / Chewing

The dog is constantly licking his paws or scratching or biting himself. The behavior is caused by a variety of factors including allergies, anxiety, dry skin, pain, parasites, or even boredom. Such compulsive behaviors can cause damage to health and quality of dog’s life. Some medications can help, though primarily looking into the issue and … Read more

Foot Infections

The dog’s paw appears to be infected. Infected paws normally emit a foul odor, appear swollen, may have pus and the dog has difficulty walking, has itch and appears to be whining specially on touch. The type of infection can be diagnosed by a scraping test though blood tests may also be required. Foot infections … Read more


The dog has fallen to the ground. This may be due to extreme weakness of the limbs, trauma or unconsciousness. In most cases of collapse, consciousness is maintained but there is a glassy eyed appearance and may last for a few seconds to longer duration. Causes could be many including, trauma, syncope, diseases of the … Read more

Muscle swelling

The dog has stiff gait, weakness and swelling of muscles, pain, exercise intolerance along with other symptoms indicating myositis. This could be Polymyositis or dermatomyositis. Polymyositis involves skeletal muscle damage while dermatomyositis is another form characterized by skin lesions. Causes could be Immune-mediated infections, Drugs, or Cancer.

Difficulty walking

The dog has difficulty in walking, running, or jumping. The condition could be due a wide variety of reasons including old age, disorders of the vestibular system or eyes or the nervous system, though commonly it would be associated with joint diseases especially If there is a noticeable pain associated. The conditions could be of … Read more


There is a visible rigidity or stiffness in a part of the dogs body primarily in neck, back or legs. Usually occurs in older dogs or those with orthopedic issues. Symptoms could include problems Getting Up particularly after sleeping. Difficulty Walking, Pain in the joint areas, walking or moving in a rigid manner, and Decreased … Read more

Skin swelling

There is a visible abnormal skin swelling which could be due to simple things like stings or allergies. However the cause could be more serious like a traumatic injury or edema. Edema is caused by fluid accumulating within a tissue and easily identified when pressing the area leaves a dent in the skin.