Welsh Corgi

The Welsh Corgi is a small herding dog that originated in Wales. There are two varieties of Welsh Corgi, The Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi with former being more popular. These two varieties differ in bone structure, body length and size. They have been named after the counties where they were developed. … Read more


The Vucciriscu is a large molossor dog breed that originated in Sicily, Italy. Though similar to Cane Corso, this breed is smaller and not as heavy and have slightly different facial and head features. This agile and strong dog is capable of great speeds. The name Vucciriscu is derived from the term Vucceria, which means … Read more

Volpino Italiano

The Volpino Italiano is an ancient and very old spitz type dog that originated in Italy several centuries ago. Descended from ancient European Spitz dogs, the Volpino Italiano has been a favorite dog of both Italian royalty and common people due to its eye pleasing looks, lively and very affectionate temperament and guarding abilities. Yes! … Read more


Vizslas, sometimes called "Hungarian Vizsla" or "Magyar Vizsla," are an ancient breed of pointers. Thousand-year old Magyar depictions of hunting include these medium-sized, lean, graceful dogs as hunting companions. Once the prized dogs of Hungarian royalty, the Vizsla's natural ability as hunter, pointer and retriever was protected by careful breeding, until the the line became … Read more

Victorian Bulldog

The Victorian Bulldog is a medium size breed of Bulldog that originated in England. This is a robust dog with large head and thick boned. This breed was developed with the aim to produce original taller and healthier Bulldogs of 1800s. This breeding program was led by Mr. Ken Mollett and the breed is sometimes … Read more

Tuareg Sloughi

The Tuareg Sloughi is a breed of dog that originated in the Sahel region of Africa. The dogs were bred as hunting dogs, guard dogs and companions. The Tuareg Sloughi is also known to be called as Awazakh. These dogs are loving and affectionate to their owners and people they know. They have cat-like personality. … Read more

Treeing Tennessee Brindle

The Treeing Tennessee Brindle (TTB) is relatively a newly recognized breed of dog. Originating in USA, this brindled Cur breed was noticed in 1960s and efforts for its development started. These dogs have excellent abilities to tree and trail game. It is believed that the Plott Hounds and the Mountain Curs played an important role … Read more

Transylvanian Hound

The Transylvanian Hound is an ancient and very rare breed of scenthound dog that originated in Hungary. This breed is also known as Erd�lyi kop�, Transylvanischer Laufhund, Ungarische Bracke, Copoi ardelenesc, Transylvanian Bloodhound, Hungarian Hound and Transylvanian Scenthound. These dogs, it is believed, were derived from a cross between dogs brought to Hungary by the … Read more

Toy Manchester Terrier

The Toy Manchester Terrier is a small companion dog that was developed in England primarily as ratter. Its ancestor, the Manchester Terrier was developed in 19th century from crosses between an old Black and Tan Terrier with the Whippet, along with other breeds, primarily for rat-catching. The Toy Manchester Terrier breed was developed by breeding … Read more

Toy German Spitz

The Toy German Spitz is also known as the German Spitz Small dogs. It is similar in appearance to its two cousin breeds, the Giant and the Standard or Medium but differs in height and weight. It stands between 9-11 inches and weighs between 18-22 lbs. The dog has a fox like face with a … Read more