Top 10 Dog Breeds For People With Allergies

Some dog breeds trigger allergy symptoms for some hypersensitive pet owners. Dog allergies cause a person to feel simple to severe symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing fits, red eyes, itchy skin, coughing and wheezing.

There is a myth that the length of dog hair or fur causes the problem, so that short-haired varieties are safer than long-haired ones. Actually, regardless of hair length, one of the most common causes of dog allergy is dander, the dead skin flakes that comes off most especially when dogs shed their coat.

For some people, this is readily solved by keeping the home cleaner than usual but for some, it could mean giving up the dog. Nobody could be sadder than a dog-loving person who is allergic to dogs’ saliva, urine, or dander. President Barack Obama’s daughter is one, and for this reason, the American Kennel Club came up with a list of dog breeds that are best for people like her. Although no dog breed is absolutely hypoallergenic, the following are the top breeds that cause the least amount of allergies:

Bichon Frise
This “curly lap dog” is a popular French toy breed whose all white hair grows nonstop and does not shed. Extensive grooming is necessary to keep their coats soft and free from tangle. They are also a very happy, active, and playful breed. Bichon Frises have been a favorite since the 13th century for their endearing and amiable charm.

Chinese Crested
This Chinese breed is practically non-shedding and is recommended for those with allergies. Where hair grows – normally on the tail, head, and feet – they grow softly and smoothly like silk for both Hairless and Powderpuff varieties. The Hairless variety is quite prone to skin allergies and sunburn, so they must be maintained with moisturizing and sun protecting lotions. The Powderpuff’s flowing coat, meanwhile, needs minimal grooming requirement which includes brushing to keep the coat neat-looking. Cresteds are very loyal breeds that are a delight to any companion for their lively and elegant trot reflecting their alert and cheerful temperament.

Irish Water Spaniel
Active, creative, and intelligent, the Irish Water Spaniel descends from an ancient breed which dates as far back as 7th to 8th century AD. It is a very suitable breed for their virtually hypoallergenic, tight, and curly coat and hairless tail. They love to please and are easily trainable, with endearing inquisitiveness, alertness, and humor.

Kerry Blue Terrier
Typical of the terrier breed, the Kerry Blue Terrier has an active and energetic personality. They are very fun-loving and will enjoy regular exercise. They have soft and wavy coat that range from deep to light blue gray color – their trademark. They require regular trimming and brushing but are generally very good for people with allergies.

An ancient royal breed from Malta and one of the gentlest of toy dogs, the Maltese is a pure white, single-coated dog with hair that grows straight, silky, and long – almost to the ground. Its playful and affectionate temperament makes it a favorite. The Maltese is fearless and responsive in character, which adds to its appeal as a great companion dog anywhere in the world.

The Poodle is a great water retriever with hair that grows continually from the tip and never sheds. The coat is naturally curly and dense, which protects it from the cold water. It is recommended for people with allergies but be ready for regular grooming requirement which could prove expensive. Poodles are the second most intelligent dog breed and are frequent stars in dog shows for their ability and love to please people.

Portuguese Water Dog
An active breed that loves exercise and easily trainable, the Portuguese Water Dog is a medium-sized swimmer and diver with exceptional skill. It is highly valued for its loyalty, intelligence, and vigor with its willingness to please its owner. They have no undercoat and unendingly grow their curly or wavy hair without shedding. Grooming and brushing are regularly necessary for these brave and self-willed dogs.

Miniature Schnauzer
Quick to learn and lively in spirit, the Miniature Schnauzer possesses trademark whiskers and a wiry outer coat. It is very adaptable whether in a small or large space, sheds minimally and much recommended for people with allergies, and is obedient and friendly.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
True to its name, this all-purpose terrier breed has soft and silky single coat that sheds very little and is characterized by its wheaten color. It is a popular farm dog of humble origins and known for 200 years in Ireland. It is active – as all terriers are – very steady, confident, and alert.

The Hairless Mexican or Xolo is one of the world’s ancient and rarest breed. It mostly serves as good guard and companion dogs. It has a calm and aloof personality while also attentive. Because it is hairless, it has very little need for grooming and sheds none. Exercise requirement is also minimal.

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