Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Dogs are incredibly intelligent species. With their long history of companionship to humans, they do lend themselves very adaptable to people. They are truly man’s best friend for their loyalty and obedience, especially if they are well-trained by their owners. And what a delight it certainly is when we see our own dogs learn and obey us fast!

Learning basic obedience – commands such as “come,” “sit,” and “down” – is a capacity inherent to all dogs. However, individual dog personalities vary and pet owners also train their dogs with different amounts of time, effort, and intensity. These make the result of obedience training totally different for every dog. Some dogs live quite independently while others live to please their human pack leaders. Some dogs are trained by their owners with much patience and treats while some with less.

In whatever case, some dog breeds are simply fast learners based on studies by some experts. Having tested dogs on how quickly they pick up and obey commands, the American Kennel Club gives us this top 10 dog breeds:

#10. Australian Cattle Dog
They have been bred to herd cattles in Australia, hence the name, since the 19th century until now. They are very active, with high energy, and exceptionally obedient and hardworking.

#9. Rottweiler
This breed is good at police work and considered as one of the best guard dogs. Their aggressive and courageous reputation usually comes from protecting their territory. Tough and strong, Rottweilers are very reliable especially when it comes to protecting your prized possessions and being devoted companions.

#8. Papillon
This small dog’s name comes from the French word for butterfly which is noticeably similar in shape to the face of this breed. Papillons are one of the most affectionate dogs bordering to being possessive. They are very loyal, obedient, and alert which makes them very reliable watchdogs. Papillons are a favorite of aristocrats during the time of King Henry II and Louis the XIV for their beauty and intelligence.

#7. Labrador Retriever
Originally bred and trained to hunt and retrieve game, Labrador are ideal for various jobs such as detecting bombs, rescue operations, and guiding children and the handicapped. They are the most gentle breed of dogs, very affectionate, friendly, and loving. They are also very active and require lots of exercise.

#6. Shetland Sheepdog
The Shetland sheepdog may not be a popular breed but they are said to possess almost human-like intelligence. Originally coming from Scotland and bred to her sheep and cattle, they are very energetic, bright, and make good watchdogs because of good sense of hearing and wariness to those who are not part of their family. Besides this, they also make very good and loyal companions to humans.

#5. Doberman Pinscher
Dobermans are a tough and assertive breed but also loyal and loving. They are generally used to protect their masters and bred as a guard, police, and war dog.

#4. Golden Retriever:

The golden retriever is a great family dog who is loyal, loving, patient, affectionate, and friendly. They excel in retrieving tasks and are so gentle that they can bring a hunter’s game to its owner unharmed. They are currently trained as rescue and guide dogs.

#3. German Shepherd
The German Shepherd is a good combination of intelligence, obedience, protectiveness, and courage. They make excellent herding and family dogs but are also in demand as police dogs. They look tough and are tough but certainly very lovable.

#2. Poodle
This breed may look soft and girlie but beyond the Poodle’s looks is a very protective pleasant, happy, and sociable breed who is very easy to train. They come in three sizes and all of them are good at being a retrieving, hunting, rescue, and water dog.

#1. Border Collie
Workaholic, the best sheep herder, undisputable intelligence. There is no question about the Border Collie’s excellent intelligence as a dog breed, setting the standard in most competitions on agility, obedience, speed, and sheepdog trials. They are known to learn extremely quickly with the ability to pick up and carry out commands without a blink. Dog trainers agree that there is no dog as focused and as driven as Border Collies. They are tremendously hardworking dogs who live to serve their masters and need great amounts of physical and mental stimulation, otherwise their energy would surely be spent destroying everything because of boredom. They are great companions and absolutely eager to please their owners.

Like most pet owners, I have always thought that my dog is the smartest dog in the world, but after some research I found out that his breed is just 33rd in the list. But knowing his relatively independent personality, I have come to learn not to compare him with other dogs and love him just the same. What’s important is that I taught him creatively using the best strategies of motivation and the right level of patience. Having a dog whose breed qualities complement my lifestyle and having him properly trained surely brings out the best in both of us and leaves a feeling of wonderful satisfaction with each other’s company.

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