10 Best Family Dogs

Family dogs are ideal for their loyalty, service, energy, and care for their human companions. They are usually good with kids and possess stable temperament. Playfulness and affection are also their common features. Training these dogs early certainly adds to the fun in the whole human pack.

This adorable and charming short-legged pooch is best recognized through the most-loved beagle, Snoopy. They come in various colors including a combination of white, black, and brown. This breed is very energetic, affectionate, and happy with vocal prowess that will leave anyone awestruck. Barking is one thing; howling is another for beagles. Beagles may be miniature in size but they are like any true foxhound, good at chasing animals and built to trace a scent through the perfect combination of short legs that brings them closer to the ground, huge and floppy ears, and incredibly sharp sense of smell. They are wonderful and comical who would do just about anything for their families especially if there’s food!

A powerful working dog with a mastiff-like built and bred with a bulldog, boxers are energetic, attention-loving dogs. They hold the record for having the longest tongue. They are originally used for seizing large gameand are very active. Boxers are very fun-loving and require daily exercise and early training. However, they are very sensitive to warm climate and tend to easily overheat. Loyal and expressive, boxers tend to have some health issues but are generally wonderful and loving family pets.

Collies are very intelligent herders and devoted family dogs. Think Lassie. They are characterized by ears with folded tips, a thick double-coat that comes in assorted colors, a sturdy built, and independent thinking.They are very easy to train and socialize,protective of children, and are naturally people-lovers.

English Bulldog
Another short-legged but powerful, chunky breed, bulldogs were originally used to bring down bulls. They had this fierce confidence and independence which means they might be somewhat difficult to train. Early training is thus very important. They do better in cool climate and their small, flat nose makes them breathe with their mouths open causing them to fart. Despite this and a short life due to genetic diseases, our little wrinkled friends with a massive head tend to be funny and loving especially to children in the family.

Golden Retriever
Arguably the most beloved and most popular breed, golden retrievers arefavorite family pets for their obedience, eagerness to please, and intelligence. Goldens are known to have a soft mouth, retrieving game practically unharmed. They have a natural love for water and running.They are very active and require daily exercise. They also love to chewwhich somehow needs caution, but they are very adaptable and extremely trainable.

Great Dane
This gentle giant is known to be the largest lap dog for its calm and gentleness but is also great as a guard dog. A mix between a Mastiff and a hound, Great Danes stand with a regal and graceful appearance. Because they are huge in size and require daily exercise and a lot of space. Make sure though that they take a rest before activity because of their high incidence of bloat, a main cause of death in this short-lived breed. They are popular for being very intelligent and calm, easily trainable, and no-sweat grooming requirements.

Labrador Retriever
Everybody loves Labs. Friendly, full of life and stamina, and highly intelligent, Labrador Retrievers are extremely active sprinters and swimmers. They descended from the Newfoundland breed who are natural water retrievers having webbed paws and a layered oily coat which keeps them warm in the water. Their ability to learn is unsurpassed, making their trainers seem to be the best in the world. Labs are simply wonderful, loyal, and versatile companions.

The nanny of the kids in Peter Pan, Nana is a Newfoundland and a real natural when it comes to caring for children. They are also extreme water dogs who serve as lifeguards, having instinctive water retrieval abilities. Heroic, massive, and powerful, Newfies are gifted with water-resistant coat, webbed feet that acts as paddle, strong thighs, powerful lung capacity, and mouths that allow them to breathe in the water. Loyal and very intelligent, Newfoundlands do much better in cool weather.

Their name sounds like and actually means “puddle.” Poodles are actually water retrievers and hunting dogs gifted with extremely high intelligence and dignified posture. They are also hypoallergenic because they don’t shed; that’s why they can be quite expensive to maintain because of their need for regular hair trimming, clipping, and grooming. Poodles come in three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. But whatever their size, they are all fantastic watchdogs and service dogs.Extremely active and fun-loving, poodles are highly sociable, trainable, and adaptable making them a favorite family dog.

Pugs are a comical, funny breed with a distinctly Q-curled tail, short legs,bulging eyes, and a flat, wrinkled face. Like bulldogs, their noses are quite short giving them breathing problems. What makes pugs so lovable is how they are very easy companions. They are very sweet and adaptable but don’t do very well in heat and the wrinkles on their face need to be constantly cleaned to avoid infection. Very loving and trainable, pugs are a no-fuss companion loved by many families.

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