10 Most Hardworking Dogs

From catching scents to rescue operations, baby-sitting, fetching, guarding, jogging, or just tirelessly messing around, we have listed ten of the most hardworking dogs.

1 – Bloodhound
Bloodhounds have an unsurpassed ability to catch a scent and can detect even those that are 12 days old. They are built specifically to do so with long ears that sweep the air towards their nose, drooping eyes that focuses their eyesight on the ground, and strong instinct to actively use their nose. Bloodhounds also have a distinct howl that can be heard at long distances. They thrive at open spaces where they can do much of their detective work. They are quite independent especially when they feel the need to trace where a scent comes from.

2 – Labrador Retriever

Labs are tireless and instinctive when it comes to retrieving. They also love to swim and run and have very strong stamina. Combined with their playful and happy temperament, as well as their obedient and intelligent nature, Labrador Retrievers are definitely one of the most diligent dogs.

3 – Golden Retriever

Tirelessly run all day? Yes. Retrieve anything at no command? Yes. Great swimmer? Yes. Goldens are amazingly indefatigable and determined workers. Active, energetic, and very sociable, they are wonderful companions too which makes anybody convinced why they are also one of the most popular and well-loved breeds.

4 – Boxer
Their name tells of their athletic nature. They are a powerful and energetic breed. Boxers descend from a mastiff-type breed and have the ability to hold on to large game until their master arrives. Loyal and lively, they also throw punches every so often when they like to be playful.

5 – Rottweiler
Known as the world’s best guard dog, Rottweilers are confident, calm, and courageous dogs with a tough and powerful appearance. They are territorial canines, making them very protective of their family including children. Generally quiet and observant, they are aloof and cautious with strangers with the tendency to become aggressive with other dogs. Rottweilers are one of the ten most intelligent dog breeds and also have an expressive side which they show their human companions. They are particularly happy when given a job to do and given daily exercise.

6 – Doberman
Believe it or not, the Doberman is a descendant of a terrier. That busy and active ancestor finds its traits still alive in the guise of this tough, strong, intelligent, loyal, and fearless breed. They are very athletic and have high endurance, making them a popular choice as police dog, guard dog, and rescue dog. Dobermans have the reputation of being vicious and ferocious but through the years, they have been bred to be gentler companion dogs than how they used to be.

7 – German Shepherd
Loyalty, fearlessness, and bravery are among the qualities that puts the German Shepherd the top choice as police and war dogs. They will put themselves to danger to serve their masters. They are the ideal service dogs known for their intelligence and versatility, with the ability to learn almost anything they are trained to do. They have the tendency to be protective of their families and are the top biters, so training and socialization must be done from an early age.

8 – Akita
A large and courageous dog breed, Akitas are devoted and dignified protectors of their territory. They have strong leadership instinct and would naturally assume the role of a pack leader. They also have a wide-ranging temperament. These make early obedience training necessary. However, Akitas are very intelligent and trainable with strong instincts to guard and hunt. They are certainly very loyal and will live for the purpose of protecting their families and companions.

9 – Newfoundland
Gentle nursemaids and alert lifeguards, the Newfoundland is known to be the best breed for children despite their massive size. They are very friendly and caring as family dogs while they are active and instinctive as service and water dogs. They will risk their life just to save anything in the water. Newfies are remarkably loyal and hardworking.

10 – Alaskan Malamute
Affectionate but strong-willed, sociable and athletic – that’s the Alaskan Malamute. Owners who live active lifestyles find themselves with an enduring companion who has high energy for activities such as sledding, jogging, swimming, or weight-pulling. A large and ancient sled dog from the Arctic, training Malamutes can be a challenge so owners should start early. They are nonetheless extremely friendly and even if they’re not the best guard dogs they are cherished because of their natural love for people. They are very playful and happy and their love to “talk” is totally amusing, having a variety of sounds coming out of their mouths. They love attention and play and can be one of the most active family dogs to cuddle.

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