10 Weirdest-looking Dog Breeds

We all have our favorite breeds for many different reasons. There are some breeds that we love more because they look more charming. For some, dogs will always be dogs. But there are just a few breeds who make us look again and think twice and ask: Is that REALLY a dog? Here’s a list of the most unique-looking and equally lovable ones:

#1 – Bedlington Terrier
Dog or lamb? The Bedlington Terrier’s light-colored and curly fur alone resembles that of a sheep’s wool. Their head, also covered with curly hair, is narrow but rounded. Their small and bright eyes look sweet as they shaped like almonds, Their triangular ears are set hanging low and flat beside the cheeks up to the corners of the mouth, with uniquely rounded tips that hang like a tassel as they are covered with fine silky hair. The long, naturally arched body of this breed adds to its gracefulness in stature. Loveable, affectionate, energetic, and gentle, the lamb-like Bedlington Terrier can be a true source of joy when properly trained.

#2 Chinese Crested
The Hairless. This variety of the Chinese Crested breed is distinctive for having hair grow only in very few parts of its body: on the crest or the top of its head, its feet,and its tail. They have very soft and smooth skin, although this tends to be sensitive. Their ears are large and erect. Chinese Crested dogs have an intense expression and a gay and alert disposition, making them playful and lively companions.

#3 Neapolitan Mastiff
Wrinkles everywhere. One of the biggest dog breeds and exuding a toughappearance because of their massive size, Neos are most distinguished by theirloose, wrinkled skin. The most prominent ones are found on their face and neck, but these are found all over their body. They have a serious and majestic appearance and protective around strangers but are usually peaceful in temperament.

#4 Komondor
Mopping up? This white, muscular dog which looks like a giant walking mop is an excellent and courageous guard dog. Giving them their unusual look is their thick coatwhich grows into long, heavy cords. Earnest, dignified, devoted to their families, they are also affectionate to their owners.

#5 Shar-Pei
“Sandy coat.” The Shar-pei’s wrinkled coat comes in three varieties called horse-coat, brush-coat, and rare bear-coat. It is an ancient breed dating back as far as 206 B.C. They have a distinctly disproportionately huge head and a purplish tongue. The Shar-pei are good guard dogs as they are alert, intelligent, aloof, and snobbish.They can be quite stubborn and independent but are devoted to their owner when trained and socialized early.

#6 Xoloitzcuntle
Show-low-eats-queen-tlee. Yes, that’s how this unusual dog’s peculiar name is pronounced. It is also called the Mexican hairless, considered mystical by the ancient Aztecs. This unusually silent breed has a long neck and a gracefully slender body.They are naturally alert and cheerful expression but are good and steady watchdogs.

#7 Bergamasco
Dread-locked. The uniqueness of this medium-sized dog comes from their dread-locked coat that form thick “flocks” or loose mats growing from the spine down to the sides. Their eyes are covered by long hair on their head. They are very vigilantdogs that were typically bred to guide and guard the herd. They are very patient and intelligent companions.

#8 Catalburun
Split-nosed. A Turkish Pointer, the Catalburun is distinct for its split nose. It is believed by local hunters that they will have sharper pointing instinct. However, although they are great pointers, there was no basis to this belief. Outside of Turkey, the Catalburun is unpopular, but they are highly valued in their native country.

#9 Affenpinscher
Monkey dog. Their primate appearance matches perfectly with their playful personality. The Affenpinscher is a toy dog with wiry fur which is noticeably thicker and shaggier around the chest. They are intelligent, affectionate, and inquisitive.They can also be fearless when attacked.

#10 Löwchen
The Little Lion Dog. A small dog considered to be the rarest and the most expensive dog in the world, this small, friendly, smart, and lively dog originated in Germany around 400 years ago. Their single long and wavy coat is traditionally left untrimmed by the forequarters. The hindquarters except the cuffs around the ankles, part of the tail closest to the body, and the loins are shaved in lion-like appearance.This leonine breed is affectionate, outgoing, and loving companions.

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