Anemia, Non-regenerative in Dogs

In cases of non-regenerative anemia, the bone marrow is unable to produce enough RBCs as compared to the need of the body. Dogs that become anemic over a period of time have a better prognosis than those who have a sudden onset of anemia since in a slow progression the body has time to adjust to the decreased red blood cell count; however a sudden onset can be fatal because of the sudden loss in red blood cells and oxygen.

Anemia can be primarily classified into 3 major categories. Blood loss anemia – It is caused by blood leaking out of the vascular system, like in case of wounds or ulcers. Hemolytic anemia – This results from the destruction of red blood cells; Non-regenerative anemia – This is caused by a decrease in red cell production.

Giant Schnauzers, Border collies, and Beagles are most at risk of non-regenerative anemia.

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