Artery Inflammation in Dogs

Juvenile polyarteritis or beagle pain syndrome is most commonly seen in young beagles. A similar syndrome has been reported in boxers and Bernese mountain dogs. This is a rare condition.

The condition refers to an inflammation of one or more arteries, with irritation, or infection, of the small vessels in the spinal cord in the neck and in the heart.

Juvenile polyarteritis is difficult to diagnose and treat since the symptoms are similar to serious bacterial infection, though in this case antibiotics would have no effect. Common symptoms are high fever, pain, neck pain, stiff neck, lowered head, hunched back, grunting when lifted, muscle spasms (especially in front legs and neck), shaking, lack of appetite, lethargy, unwillingness to move and a high white blood cell count.

In Beagle pups the symptoms usually become apparent at the age of four to ten months, though it could be in older age as well. The symptoms would typically seem to come and go that is resolve without treatment, but would return within a few months.

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