Bacterial Infection, Bartonella in Dogs

Bartonellosis is caused by Bartonella. This is a gram-negative bacterium. This is a zoonotic disease. It is not fatal for humans, but it still poses great risks to immune-compromised patients. When this infection occurs in humans, it is called cat scratch disease (CSD), though it may not have necessarily been acquired through a cat's scratch or bite. 

The Bartonella spp bacterium is transmitted to dogs via fleas, sand flies, lice, and ticks. Herding and hunting dogs are at higher risk due to increased exposure to sand flies, lice, fleas, and ticks.

Common symptoms include fever, enlargement of spleen and liver, lameness, swelling and inflammation of lymph nodes, inflammation of heart’s muscles, inflammation and irritation of nose, inflammation of eye, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, seizures, arthritis, nasal discharge, nose bleed, inflammation of brain, Red papule at bite or scratched site, shivering and chills, lack of appetite, inflammation of conjunctiva of eye or hepatitis.

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