Bone Cancer, Chondrosarcoma in Dogs

Chondrosarcoma of the bone is a life threatening, malignant form of cancer that arises from the cartilage of the body often metastasizing to other parts of the body, including the ribs. This is the most common rib tumor found in dogs, and the second most common primary tumor in dogs. Majorly this is seen in flat bones with a high occurrence in the nasal cavity and ribs. This form of cancer also affects the limbs causing a weakness in the structure of the bone due to the invasive tumor. Fracture of the affected bone is common.

Large and older dogs are at higher risk. Symptoms would largely depend on the impacted site. Some common symptoms are

Pain in affected area

Swelling at tumor site

Limping and difficulty walking in case limbs are affected.

Sneezing, Nasal discharge and/or nose bleed and difficult breathing if tumor involves nasal cavity

Fracture in the bone.

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