Bone Cancer, Fibrosarcoma in Dogs

Firbroblasts are commonly found in the connective tissue of the body. An abnormal and rapid growth of these cells resulting in a tumor is called fibrosarcoma. This type of tumor normally originates in the soft tissue, however in some cases it can also originate in the bone, weakening the structure of the bone leading to fractures and even amputation of the limb. Mostly this is benign though in some cases it has found to be malignant and metastasizes throughout the body, into the organs, lymph nodes and skin.

Fibrosarcoma of the bone is very similar to osteosarcoma, the difference being in the make-up of the tumors. An osteosarcoma is made up of bone material whereas a fibrosarcoma is made up of fibrous collagen material.

There are two main types of fibrosarcoma of the bone. Central fibrosarcomas that appear in the long bones, vertebral column, and mandible and periosteal fibrosarcomas that appear in the skull bones.

Common symptoms include Loss of motion and inability to walk, palpable mass at the affected bone, swelling at the site, swelling of the face when tumor originates in the skull bones, pain when area is touched, and fractures of the bone without other evidence of trauma.

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