Bone Cancer, Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs

Cells that form to line the inner surface of blood vessels, including veins, arteries, intestines, and the bronchi of lungs are called endothelial cells. Hemangiosarcoma is a fast spreading tumor of these endothelial cells. Hemangiosarcomas also affect the bones and may compromise the integrity of the bone resulting in loss of strength further leading to fractures without any prior trauma. This tumor is commonly seen in the bones of the limbs but may also affect other bones in the body.

Symptoms would largely depend on the impacted site. Some common symptoms are

Pain in affected area

Swelling at tumor site

Limping and difficulty walking in case limbs are affected.

Sneezing, Nasal discharge and/or nose bleed and difficult breathing if tumor involves nasal cavity

Fracture in the bone.

Pale mucous membranes

Anemia due to blood loss from ruptured tumor

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