Clotting Deficiency, Inherited in Dogs

Coagulation is the process of blood transforming from a free flowing liquid into a thickened gel like state called a clot. This clot causes a wound to begin to seal. An uncontrolled bleeding is indicative of a defect in the processes of coagulation. The process of coagulation involves a series of enzyme reactions and a failure in any one of these processes can cause prolonged hemorrhaging after an injury. The failure of blood to coagulate can also result in internal hemorrhaging. These conditions can further result in blood loss anemia. Blood loss anemia can precipitate symptoms like weakness, lethargy, short breath, irregular heartbeat, confusion, and pica. Internal bleeding may present as bloody vomit or stools, bleeding from the rectum or vagina, difficulty breathing, abnormal heart rhythm, swollen or hard abdomen, and excessive thirst.

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