Collapse During Exercise in Labrador Retrievers in Dogs

Labrador retrievers are very active dogs that play and exercise a lot. When they are tired, they usually tend to slow down but some may go on to exercise until they become weak and collapse from exhaustion. This is called exercise induced collapse in Labrador retrievers. Problems would occur only during intense activity otherwise they would seem absolutely normal. The condition is likely to get aggravated by high temperature and humidity and during activities like upland bird hunting, repetitive retrieving, long & hard running and intense play. Symptoms would include weak back legs, dragging the back legs while running, standing with the feet too far apart,

picking the feet up too far while walking or running, falling over while running, not walking or running normally, unable to move the head and all four legs after exercise, stiff front legs while collapsed and high body temperature. Confusion and seizures can sometimes be observed. Usually the dog would recover within five to twenty five minutes

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