Collapse of the Wind Pipe in Dogs

Trachea or the wind pipe is a tube that carries air from the nose and throat to the small airways called bronchi that go to the lungs. Collapse of the trachea refers to a condition of narrowing of the tracheal lumen during breathing. This condition may affect the part of the trachea that is located in the neck or the lower part of the trachea located in the chest. The condition is more common in Miniature poodles, Yorkshire terriers, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and other small and toy breeds.

Symptoms of tracheal abnormalities seem to be aggravated by heat, excitement, exercise or obesity. Some of the common symptoms are 

Dry honking cough

Difficulty breathing

Unproductive efforts to vomit (retching)

Abnormally rapid breathing

Abnormal breathing sounds

Exercise intolerance



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