Colonic or Rectal Inflammation in Dogs

Histiocytic ulcerative colitis is a condition where lining of a the colon thicken with varying degree of loss to the superficial lining or ulceration due to the infiltration of various cells in the layers under the lining. When the colon becomes inflamed the ability to absorb water and store feces gets reduced leading to frequent diarrhea often with mucus or blood. Proctitis is the inflammation of the anus and the lining of the rectum. Boxers are particularly susceptible to these conditions.

Some of the symptoms that may indicate inflammation of the colon or rectum are prolonged straining and frequent bowel movements with a small amount of stool that may vary in consistency from semi-formed to fluid. Defecation can further irritate the inflamed tissue causing it to tear resulting in mucus or blood in it. The irritation and ulceration can also lead to vomiting and weight loss due to decreased appetite.

Sometimes an infection or disorder can cause urine or waste products to reverse into the body instead of leaving it resulting in abnormal amounts of waste products in the bloodstream. Urea is a potentially harmful waste product that can enter the bloodstream causing problems. 

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