Conditions Due to Abnormal Secretions from a Tumor in Dogs

Paraneoplastic syndrome (PNS) is the result of abnormal secretions of a hormone or hormone-like product from a tumor or from the body's immune response to the tumor. Such a response is not due to the invasiveness of the tumor but is secondary to the abnormal secretions that are produced by the malignant or benign tumor. These secretions affect the related tissues or organs and generate an abnormal clinical response.

This type of disorder is most commonly related to a malignant tumor but can also result from a benign tumor that is secreting hormones.

Symptoms depend on the response of the tissue or organ that is being targeted. Some of the common symptoms associated with the condition are  

Hair loss (alopecia)


Physical wasting and loss of weight (cachexia)

Stomach and intestine ulcers

Low body glucose levels (hypoglycemia)

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