Heart Inflammation (Myocarditis) in Dogs

Inflammation of heart muscles (myocardium) is known as myocarditis. This uncommon cause of heart disease can occur due to a wide range of infections and conditions. However, this condition is most commonly caused by infectious agents such as bacterial, viral, protozoal, rikketsial, and fungal agents. They either invade the heart muscle directly or reach the heart from another location within the body.

Myocordial involvement can be focal or diffuse. In case of diffuse involvement, global myocardial damage and congestive heart failure are likely since lesions are spread over a wide area within heart.

Common symptoms associated with myocarditis depend on specifc type of infection or condition that is causing inflammation of heart muscles. General symptoms include

Arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythm)


Exercise intolerance

Difficult breathing




Other symptoms related to infections may also be present

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