Increased Appetite in Dogs

Polyphagia is defined as increased consumption of food. It is a condition that can be best described as constant hunger. Dogs with polyphagia generally have ravenous appetite all or most of the time. In this condition, the normal consumption of food is increased and the dogs are literally gluttonous quite frequently. Pets with polyphagia will eat a greater quantity of food than normal, will eat more frequently, or both. 

Polyphagia could be brought on by diverse circumstances. The condition can result from normal, physiologic conditions; from social interactions between animals; from disease processes; or from behavioral problems. Differentiating between physiological or diseased cause of this condition is important. If a physiological problem is the cause of this abnormal increase in appetite, there is every likelihood that the dog has developed a learned behavior which can result in obesity.

If, however, the condition is due to an ailment, then either weight-gain or weight-loss will be observed in the dog.

There are a number of symptoms associated with polyphagia including


Increased appetite

Weight gain or weight loss

Increased thirst (polydipsia)

Increased frequency in urination (polyuria)

An inability to properly absorb food 


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