Jumping, Chewing, Playbiting, and Other Destructive Behavior Problems in Puppies, Young Dogs

Hopping, Chewing, Playbiting, and Other behaviors that are normal and common to most puppies, but they are not acceptable to the family. Such behaviors are medically termed as pediatric behavior problems. Such behaviors are not because revenge, rather they are caused due to anxiety and/or excess energy in the dogs. Genetics also play a part  as behavior of the puppies is usually similar to its parents. Whatever the cause, early behavior modification is important while the puppy is still impressionable.  


There are various acts of puppies or young dogs that can be termed as pediatric behvior problems. Common behaviors include

Destructive Chewing

This behavior involves chewing of furniture or other items in family presence but once the pup is caught and punished a few times, this chewing will occur in the absence of the family.


Playbiting can be harmful since baby teeth of the puppy are sharp enough to cause an injury. This play fighting may be started by a family member initially but it soon becomes spontaneous. Growling and howling, although in much higher pitch than more serious types of agression.

Jumping on People

Hopping on individuals and setting paws on guests or alternately relatives usually happens as greeting gesture or when the pup is excited. However, this behavior can also be displayed when the puppy wants attention or something in the hands of the person.

Getting on counters/furnitures

Jumping on counters can happen if the puppy wants a bite or consume an article. Likewise, jumping on furniture can occur throughout play session or to get rest or attention.

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