Kidney Cancer (Adenocarcinoma) in Dogs

Kidney adenocarcinoma is characterized by malignant cell formation in the tubules of kidney(s).  Also known as renal cell cancer, this rare neoplasm in dogs generally affects older pets. Kidney adenocarcinoma can be classified as primary or secondary kidney cancer. Primary form occurs when the neoplasm starts in the kidney itself (kidney is the primary site of cancer). It usually affects one kidney. Secondary kidney adenocarcinoma is when the cancer starts somewhere else in the body but metastasize (spreads) to kidneys. This form of kidney cancer usually affects both kidneys.

Kidney adenocarcinomas are aggressive and fast spreading neoplasms. Another version of kidney adenocarcinoma, known as cystadenocarcinoma, is less aggressive and carries better long-term prognosis. This latter type of carcinoma is more common in German shepherds than other breeds.

The symptoms are mostly non-specific and include:

Gradual weight loss

Poor appetite

Low energy level and lethargy

Blood in urine 

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