Liver Failure (Acute) in Dogs

Acute liver failure is the condition which refers to a sudden and rapid loss of 70% or more of liver function over a very short period. The condition happens secondary to sudden, massive, hepatic necrosis (tissue death in the liver). 

This condition occurs when a previously healthy dog suddenly develops a liver that fails to work. As liver is a vital organ of the body and performs many complex and vital body functions, its sudden loss or malfunction severely affects the dog and it can deteriorate fast, needing treatment within hours or days. 

Unlike other organs, the liver has the capability of regenerate itself but serious damage to liver can cause a rapid failure of its function.

Acute liver failure can affect the body through a number of system failures.Signs and symptoms of acute liver failure include


Jaundice (yellow color to the skin and mucus membranes)

Diarrhea (with or without blood)






Abdominal enlargement

Ascities (fluid in the abdominal cavity)

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