Lizard Venom Poisoning in Dogs

Lizard venom poisoning refers to venomous bite by a lizard. Of a number of lizard species, only two lizards are considered venomous to dogs. These are Gila monster and Mexican beaded lizard. Almost all other lizard species are harmless to dogs. Envenomation by lizards is very uncommon but these venomous lizards can cause life-threatening symptoms. These lizards deliver their toxins to the victim by injecting a toxin from glands within their lower jaw. However, these lizards are generally quite docile and infrequently envenomate dogs.

The venom of the two lizards is very similar. However, in contrast to the venom of most snakes, it does not have an anticoagulant effect. Even so, it has been shown to be just as potent as some rattlesnake venoms in lab tests.

Symptoms associated with toxic lizard bite include 

Bleeding from the wound

Low blood pressure


Excessive salivation

Tearing of the eyes

Frequent urination and defecation


Irregular heart rhythm

Extreme pain at the wound site

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