Lower Eyelid Droop in Dogs

Ectropian is the outward rolling or sagging of one or both of dog's eyelids. It is a condition in which the lower eyelid "rolls" outward or is everted. This causes the lower eyelids to appear "droopy", and make the dog susceptible to collecting dirt and foreign material, resulting in  palpebral conjunctivitis (inflammation of out layer of eye).

Among several causes for this condition, genetic predisposition is seen in certain breeds. Genetically susceptible breeds include sporting breeds (e.g., Spaniels, hounds, and retrievers); giant breeds (e.g., St. Bernards and mastiffs); and any breed with loose facial skin (especially bloodhounds). The symptoms appear within first year of the life.

Ectropian can also be acquired and it can affect any dog at any age, though acquired ectropian is usually seen late in the life of the dog. Acquired form is often secondary to age-related loss of facial musculature skin tension.

Pronounced droopy lower eyelids, watery eyes, swollen or red conjunctiva and facial staining from an overflow of tears are the common and obvious signs of this condition. 

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