Metabolic Muscle Disease without Inflammation in Dogs

A myopathy is a generalized muscle disorder that causes weakness and loss of muscle mass. Metabolic myopathies are associated with disorders of metabolism — the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life –.

Noninflammatory metabolic myopathy is a rare muscle disease associated with metabolic disorders like various enzyme defects or storage of abnormal metabolic byproducts and others. This group of disorders is usually associated with inherited or acquired enzyme deficiencies and results in malfunction of body cells due to accumulation of unwanted substances within the cells.

This condition is poorly understood in the veterinary medicine. Little information is available about this condition though it is known to be a genetic disorder. Certain breeds are predisposed to this condition including English springer spaniels, American cocker spaniels, German shepherds, Akitas, curly-coated retrievers, clumber spaniels, Sussex spaniels, old English sheepdogs and Lapland dogs.

Common symptoms associated with this condition are

Muscular weakness


Exercise intolerance

Regurgitation and/or difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)


Dark urine



Abdominal distention

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