Mouth Cancer (Chondrosarcoma) in Dogs

Chondrosarcoma is a malignant tumor of connective tissue. It is characterized by slow but progressive invasion of the surrounding tissues. The tumor originates in the cartillage, the connective tissue between bones. These malignant tumors are often mistaken for benign type of tumors due to their slow progression and lack of symptoms. These tumors are noticed when they have become large enough, appear as lump in the mouth or under face skin, or when they become painful for the affected dog.

These smooth to slightly nodular-surfaced tumors mostly stick to the bone, mainly in the upper jaw and they can metastasize (spread into the bone). They can also affect other distant parts of the body including lungs and lymph nodes.

This rare tumor occurs mostly in middle to old age dogs. Larger breed dogs are slightly more predisposed to this condition.

Common symptoms associated with this tumor include

Facial deformity

Tooth lose

Excessive salivation/drooling

Bad breath (halitosis)

Weight loss


Difficulty eating,anorexia

Bleeding from the mouth

Lymph node swellings in the neck (on occasion) 

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