Mushroom, Mold, Yeast Poisoning in Dogs

Poisoning by food products that are contaminated by fungi is termed as mycotoxicosis. Ingestion of moldy food from the garbage or a compost pile puts dogs and other animals at risk for toxicity due to tremorgenic mycotoxins. These toxins, also called mycotoxins, may be found in moldy bread, pasta, cheese, nuts, or other decaying matter like compost.

Tremorgenic mycotoxicosis can occur rapidly (within 2 – 3 hours) following ingestion of fungi contaminated substances. The severity and type of symptom will ultimately depend on the amount and type of mycotoxin ingested. Some of the more common symptoms associated with mycotoxicosis include:

Muscle tremors





Uncoordinated movements


Increased heart rate

Increased body temperature


Lack of appetite (anorexia)

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