Nasal Passage Narrowing in Dogs

The nose is the superior part of the respiratory tract. It is divided into right and left nasal cavities by the nasal septum (a partition of bone and cartilage between the nasal cavities). Nasal cavity has four portions namely common, inferior, middle, and superior portions.

Nasopharyngeal stenosis is a narrowing of one of the four portions of the nasal cavity on either side of nasal septum. It is a rare disease that is characterized by scar tissue that forms a membrane or “webbing” above the soft palate and obstructs airflow through the nasopharynx.

There are various reasons for the narrowing of the nasal passage. Formation of a thin but tough membrane in the passage of the nasal cavity is the most common cause. Chronic inflammation and subsequent fibrosis (formation of excess fibrous tissue) after an infection is one of the probable causes. Also, inflammation after chronic regurgitation, or vomiting of acidic material may be suspected as a causative factor.

Common symptoms associated with this uncommon disorder include

Whistling or snoring noise

Difficulty when breathing

Breathing with open mouth

Nasal discharge in some patients

Aggravation of symptoms during eating

Failure to respond to conventional therapy, including antibiotics


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