Nose Cancer (Adenocarcinoma) in Dogs

Nasal adenocarcinoma is a slow, progressive, local infiltration by cancer cells of tissues lining the inside of the nose. In this condition, too many cells in the dog's nasal and sinus paggage come together. It is an uncommon disease in dogs and mostly occurs in larger breeds. Also, more prone to this condition long-nosed breeds (dolichocephalic) and senior dogs. Male dogs are at a higher risk than female dogs. Most nasal adenocarcinomas in dogs start on one side of the nasal sinuses but ultimately spread to both sides. 

Prompt and early diagnosis and aggressive treatment is required to cure this condition.

There are many symptoms that dogs with nasal adenocarcinoma may exhibit. Some common signs and symptoms are:




Nasal discharge

Facial deformity

Pain in the nose

Obstructive masses in the animal's nose 

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