Ovarian Tumors in Dogs

Ovarian tumors are cancerous growths associated with the ovaries, which are the female sex glands where eggs are formed. Ovarian tumors are rare in dogs but they do occur. They can be categorized based on their cell origin; Epithelial tumors (skin/tissue), germ cell tumors (sperm and ova), and stromal tumors (connective tissue). Epithelial tumors and sex cord stromal tumors together account for 80-90% of all canine ovarian tumors.

Ovarian tumors are prone to metastasizing (spreading), and some are capable of producing hormones.

Common signs and symptoms associated with ovarian tumors are:

Fluid build-up in the abdominal cavity

Fluid build-up in the chest cavity

Tumors producing steroid hormone:

Lack of sexual heat and menstruation

Persistent estrus (menstruation and heat)

Pyometra (pus-filled abdomen)

Gynecomastia (male animal exhibits feminine traits, like having enlarged nipples with leaking milk Bilateral, symmetrical baldness

Masculinization (excess testosterone)

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