Pneumonia (Aspiration) in Dogs

While pneumonia is a condition where the lungs are inflamed due to a bacterial, fungal or chemical agents, aspiration or inhalation pneumonia in dogs occurs due to inhalation of foreign objects into the lungs. This occurs when the dogs vomit then inhale the vomitus into their lungs. The inhaled stomach contents are highly acidic causing chemical burn to the lung tissue. 

In this condition, the lungs become inflamed and infected as the result of breathing in a foreign substance like vomit, regurgitated gastric acid, or food. Sometimes, neuromuscular disorders that cause difficulty swallowing or paralysis of the esophagus can also lead to aspiration pneumonia.

Other possible causes include obstructed airway or presence of harmful bacteria on the inhaled substance.

Associated symptoms for this condition include 

Breathing difficulties

Swallowing difficulties



Nasal discharge

Rapid breathing

Increased heart rate

Bluish sking (cyanosis)


Exercise intolerence



Loss of appetite

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