Poisoning in Dogs

It is not uncommon for an animal to ingest a poison or toxic substance. Dogs are specially susceptible to poisoning due to their curious nature. They will eat anything that catches their interest. Their indiscriminate eating habits often lead to poisoning.

If a dog is behaving abnormally, or if it has been seen ingesting a toxic substance, immediate medical help is necessary as the dog may have poisoned itself.

A sample of ingested substance or sample of vomit should also be taken to the veterinarian that will greatly help in determining the type of poisoning and aid in the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Some toxic substances result in immediate signs of poisoning, typically signs of poisoning are apparent within 3 days after contact with the substance. However, some poisons/toxins can be insidious – toxic load may take weeks, months or years to build-up before symptoms surface.

Common symptoms of poisoning include unexplained vomiting, diarrhea and/or weakness to a level that dog is unable to move. 

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